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I am accepting a limited number of dogs in for training each month.
Price breakdown is as follows:

 - $600.00 for training per 30 days of training on stock.
 If the weather is bad or I am not able to train your dog that day, I will not charge you for it.  Fee is paid up front.

 - You are required to provide your own dog food, (higher fat level) heartworm prevention,Flea and Tick prevention,  Must be current on vaccines and had a Bordatella within 6 months.

The training includes:

General manners
walking on a leash, not pulling, come when called,  etc..
teaching a dog to down on and off stock
Fetch /bring stock to handler ( pen /gate)
beginning / full  drive ( depends on length of time the dog is here)
Drive means to push the stock away from you.
Custom training.

A lot of time, an owner wants a specific talent in a dog. Heeling ( biting a rear leg to move stock ) is often asked for.  It is the genetics that are in the
dog that I work with. There are times a dog is stronger on the head ( turning/stopping stock) but will also heel.

Feel free to contact me with any questions at:  940-727-4096


Jamie and Steve Burns, Whitesboro, Texas 940-727-4096

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