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HOF Cut'n Loose Mi Kinda Cowboy OTDc ATDsd HTD-I DNA-CP

Photo by 2MC Design

Blue merle with W/C
Red Factored
DOB: 01/08/97
OFA AS-14622G41M-T
Weight: 54 pounds
Height: 20.5 inches
Full Dentition
Scissor Bite


ASCA/AKC/UKC registered



Mike was a typical aussie in personality: attentive, loyal, good stockdog, great with kids, good buddy, hair coat is easily maintained, and a male I would keep around as a stud dog. I have had numerous males but few I would consider for stud. Mike heads and heels cattle, he works whatever that day calls for. In Dec of 2001 he was filmed for a TV spot on Animal Planet. He even made the front page of the Gainesville Newspaper. He was a very attractive male that looks like a male. Mike was fun to have around because he trains people starting out to work livestock. He helped them to understand what they are trying to teach their dog. He would work for others only if I am around, otherwise he was at my side.  He was such a gentleman and will even carry my purse for me!!

45 Ranch Rem's Cody STDc, E67569 WTCH Twin Oaks Fredrick Remington, 01-10-1991, Blue Merle, E59024 HOF WTCH Windsong's Falcon, 01-27-1987, Blue Merle, E29416 HOF WTCH Windsong's Hurrah Cain, 02-23-1981, Blue Merle
DeHaro's Mijha
The Fiddler of Twin Oaks, E24325 Twin Oaks Remington, E17620
HOF Twin Oaks Poky Cody
HOF WTCH Windsong's Rip Rap, 04-16-1988, Blue Merle, E34792 HOF WTCH Little Spots Speckled Image, 11-11-1985, Blue merle, E26892 Little Spots Speckled Smokey
Elis Waltzing Matilda
WTCH Windsong's City Rhythm, 08-07-1979, Blue Merle, E5079 CH Powder River City Slicker CD, 08-11-1975, Black Tri C/W, C205
HOF WTCH Windsong's Shenanigan CD, 09-04-1975, C297
HOF Right Cross's 14 Karat Gold, CD, ATDsd, OTDc
WTCH Oliver's Romulus Five Silverledge Charlie Russell, E14031 Taylor's Luke The Drifter CDX
Colorado's Am I Blue
Supreme Champion Stockdog HOF WTCH Slash V Slide Me Sweet CD, 11-12-1983, Red Merle, E17618 CH Silverledge Slide Me Five, Red Merle
Slash V Semi Sweet OTDdc, Red Merle
Right Cross Cris, STDs WTCH Oliver's Sam Hall CD, 01-06-1986, Red Merle, E25619 Ruff-N-Reddy Shadey Joe, Red Merle
HOF WTCH Slash V Slide Me Sweet CD, 11-12-1983, Red Merle, E17618
Lost Winds Cowboy Chaser, 09-23-1985, E27129 CH Powder River City Slicker CD, 08-11-1975, Black Tri C/W, C205
CH Casa Buena Calico Cowgirl, 11-17-1980, Red Merle

Photo by Kay Leigh Kandids

Photo by Kay Leigh Kandids
Age 9

Jamie and Steve Burns, Whitesboro, Texas 940-727-4096

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