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The Girls at Cut'n Loose

Cut'n Loose 1 Tuff Sweetie STDsd DNA-VP
Sweetie (spayed)
  Cut'n Loose Sheza Hoot STDs DNA-VP
Hootie (spayed)
  WTCH Cut'n Loose Mi-T-Sweet Rosa AFTDs DNA-VP
  Bergert's Coda Denim STDs DNA-VP
HOF Right Cross's 14 Karat Gold, CD, ATDsd, OTDc
Karat   (gone, but not forgotten )
WTCH Cut'n LooseRootinTootinCowgirl DNA-CP
Lena   (gone, but not forgotten)
WTCH Cut'n Loose Little Bit Tuff ,RTDs, HTD-II
Bitsy   (gone, but not forgotten)
HOF Cut'n Loose MiKinda Sweet ATDsd OFTDs RTDs  DNA-VP
Honey (gone, but not forgotten)

Jamie and Steve Burns, Whitesboro, Texas 940-727-4096

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