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WTCH Cut'n Loose Little Bit Tuff RTDs HTD-II

Red merle female with white trim
DOB: 04/22/95
Weight: 45 pounds
Height: 20.5 inches
Full Dentition
Scissor Bite


  Bitsy was a silver/liver red merle with white. She was by far my favorite dog to work. She was intense, instinctive, works with aussie eye, heads and heels, and was a great teacher. I have learned so much as a trainer from this dog that I can say she has trained me. Her balance was so precise that she will let you know when you are out of position. She works with distance and is protective.  Away from home she will nudge each hand to be loved. She picks her battles.  
HOF WTCH DeHaro's 2-Bits RTDcs DNA-CP
Black Tri E52454 06-25-1991
HOF Deharo's Rio Bravo, Black Tri, E21900, 01-08-1985 WTCH Las Rocosa Charlie Glass CD RDX, 10-28-1978, Black Tri, E3973 Hartnagle's Hud, Blue Merle, A74
Las Rocosa Jacqueline, Red Merle, E251
HOF WTCH Windsong's Seasoned Salt RDX, 01-21-1982, E10444 Cain's Raisin' Royal Heck, I472
WTCH Windsong's City Rhythm, 08-07-1979, Blue Merle, E5079
HOF WTCH Zephyr's Black Magic Woman RDX, Black Tri, E26689, 03-13-1986 WTCH CH Las Rocosa Bonnie Kyle, RDX, 09-11-1981, Red Merle, E9312 Las Rocosa Lester, Blue merle, E927
Las Rocosa Christophene STDds OTDc, Red Tri, C40
Windsong's Dark Delight STDc, C545 Kings K Troy, (1)A461-7231
HOF WTCH Windsong's Shenanigan CD, 09-04-1975, C297
HOF Right Cross's 14 Karat Gold, CD, ATDsd, OTDc
WTCH Oliver's Romulus Five, Blue merle, E29758, 11-16-1986 Silverledge Charlie Russell, E14031 Taylor's Luke The Drifter CDX
Colorado's Am I Blue
HOF WTCH Slash V Slide Me Sweet CD, 11-12-1983, Red Merle, E17618 CH Silverledge Slide Me Five, Red Merle
Slash V Semi Sweet OTDdc, Red Merle
Right Cross Cris STDs, Red with White, E45710, 03-24-1988
WTCH Oliver's Sam Hall CD, 01-06-1986, Red Merle, E25619
certified hearing ear dog
Ruff-N-Reddy Shadey Joe, Red Merle
WTCH Slash V Slide Me Sweet CD, 11-12-1983, Red Merle, E17618
Lost Winds Cowboy Chaser, 09-23-1985, E27129 CH Powder River City Slicker CD, 08-11-1975, Black Tri C/W, C205
CH Casa Buena Calico Cowgirl, 11-17-1980, Red Merle

Bitsy age 11.5 Photo by Kay Leigh Kandids

WTCH Bitsy age 11
WTCH Lena  age 13
Sweetie  age 6 months

Bitsy has the sheep in the back yard, making them eat the green rye grass, or little of it we have. Age 9

Jamie and Steve Burns, Whitesboro, Texas 940-727-4096

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