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Cut'n Loose Dogs and other dogs I've titled

  • Burns' Silver Red Spur, CD
  • HOF Right Cross's 14 Karat Gold, CD, ATDsd, OTDc (Karat)
  • WTCH Cut'n Loose Little Bit Tuff, RTDs, HTD-II  (Bitsy)
  • WTCH Cut'n LooseRootinTootinCowgirl, DNA-CP  ( Lena)
  • HOF Cut'n Loose Mi Kinda Cowboy, ATDds, OTDc, HTD-I DNA-CP (Mike)
  • HOF Cut'n Loose Mikinda Sweet, OFTDs, ATDds, RTDs DNA-VP (Honey)
  • HOF Cut'n Loose Mi-T-Tuff Outlaw, STDd, DNA-CP (Ted)
  • WTCH Cut'n Loose Mi-T-Sweet Rosa AFTDs, DNA-VP (Rosa)
  • Dally Up Cowboy Cattlac, ATDd OTDs STDc OFTDs( Dodge)
  • Cut'n Loose 1 Tuff Sweetie, STDsd (Sweetie)
  • Cut'n Loose Cattlac Style, STDd, one leg started sheep (Dally) 
  • Bergert's Black Catalyst, STDs, one leg std cattle  ( Cat )
  • Nineveh's Sky’s the Limit, STDs  (Sky)– Owned by Carol Ryther
  • Starstuff's Rapture Ready, OTDs  (Ready)– Owned by Beth DeLozier
  • Western Hills Itsy-Bitsy Spider,STDs one leg ducks,(Spider ) owned by Pam Riney & Heidi Mobley
  • Western Hills Maxfli, STDsd ( Max) owned by  Steffany Jay
  • ADCH ATCH II ASCA/UKC  CH Western Hills Most Wanted Los Suenos,"Bandit" STDd OTDs MX MXJ XF DNA-VP Owned by Pam Riney and Heidi Mobley
  • Cut'n Loose Rooster, STDs, one leg std cattle (Rooster) -owned by Smith Ranch, Oklahoma
  • Cut'n Loose Justa Cut Above, STDd, ATDs, OTDc.- (Capper)  Littermate to Lena. Owned by The Densmore’s, Tx. 
  • Cut'n Loose Hondo, STDsc ( Hondo)
  • Cut’n Loose Sheza Hoot, STDs
  • Cut’n Loose Steer ‘Em Right, STDsc
  • Bergert’s Coda Denim, STDs
  • Ninveh’s Chip On My Shoulder, OTDs, RTDs – owned by Patrick and Bridget Olivier, La
  • Cut’n Loose  Apache, STDs
  • Cut’n Loose Dirty Ducky, STDsc

Other titled Cut'n Loose dogs

  • WTCH Cut'n Loose Lone Wolf, DNA-VP (Liz) owned by Dicky, Peggy & Beattie Renn of Maryland
  • WTCH Cut'n Loose Rant and Rant and Rave, OFTDs, (AKC) HXAs (Rave)– Lindy Epperly, Id
  • Cut'n Loose Ty-1-On, STDc, OTDs, ATDd, DNA-VP (TY) owned by Sandra Zilch and Kerstin Kraus, of Germany
  • WTCH Cut'n Loose Mi-T-Sweet Molly, OFTD-s, GS-O, JS-O, RS-N (Molly) Owned by Marla Gaby, TX
  • WTCH Cut'n Loose Cowpoke, OFTD-s, GS-N, JS-N, RS-N (Jake) – Owned by Marla Gaby, TX
  • WTCH Cut'n Loose Indian Princess CDX, RS-O, AKC/CDX, NACGC, AHBA/HTD-Id (Cheyenne) – Owned by Cindy Franks, TN
  • HOF WTCH Cut'n Loose Roby PATDs RD DNA-VP (Roby) - Owned by Dennis and Donna Ashcraft, Ka.
  • WTCH Cut'n Loose Danger High Voltage DNA-VP (Tage) - Owned by Dennis and Donna Ashcraft, Ka.
  • WTCH Cut’n Loose 6 Shooter (Colt) – Owned by Sue McAnulty, Id
  • ADCH Cut'n Loose Ready to Rodeo (Rody) MX, MXJ, MXF, CGC, TM, RS-O, JS-O,
    GS-O – Owned by Julie Watson, Tx/Co
  • Cut'n Loose Tall Drinka Water (Dottie), OTDds, STDc, CGC, Certified Therapy Dog / Germany
  • Cut'n Loose Texas Tornado, STDsc OTDd DNA-VP (Twister) owned by G. Davis of Id.
  • Cut'n Loose Tuff Enuff, STDsdc,Open legs in cattle & sheep (Tuffy) owned by Katy Gathings, Texas
  • FMCH Cut’n Loose FasterNASpeednBullet DQ-PDAB, DQ – BE, DQ – SLE, SQ – YE, SW – YE, SC – DAA, SC – FE,  XQ-MCPA, XQ-MLPE ( Cir-El ) Owned by Courtney, Carolynn & Peter Williams, MD

© Richard W Bruner  Dick's Photography
Cut'n Loose Tall Drinka Water ("Dottie"), OTDds, STDc, CGC, Certified Therapy Dog


    Cut'n Loose Ty-1-On STDc, OTDs, ATDd DNA-VP owned by Sandra Zilch and Kerstin Kraus, Germany

  What a Cut'n Loose dog looks like!  
Dirty Harry   Shane   Jake
Quinn   Redi   Capper
Levi   Maggie   Huck
Roby   Rave Driving   Rave Waiting
Cheyenne   Dirty Dottie   Marla Craig's Jake

Jamie and Steve Burns, Whitesboro, Texas 940-727-4096

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